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UPDATED - 30/11/2012

Paint Along With Nancy was a UK television programme made by HTV West from 1974 to 1978 and presented to the ITV network in a day time slot - usually 12.30 or 3.30pm. The programme purported to teach the viewer to paint and the lessons consisted of Philadelphian artist, Nancy Kominsky painting a picture in twenty-five minutes. For the first two series her 'assistant' was popular HTV West 'personality' Alan Taylor.
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This site aims to refresh the memories of those who were fortunate to experience her unique and particular skills. In addition to a recollection of the programme, we have a complete painting lesson from the maestro herself, a gallery-full of Kominsky masterpieces and some sounds and videos in the resources section.

If you have any reminiscences or information about Nancy or The Show, why not e-mail us here

You may also wish to visit our sister site, 'The Harlech House of Graphics' for all things graphical from ITV in Wales and the West. Or better still, have a look at Nancy's official web pages.

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