Paint Along With Nancy

It's nice to think that perhaps one day I'll update the Real files to a modern format and maybe even add a sprinkling of new material.  In the meantime, here's an mp3 of the theme tune: Theme Tune (1.2Mb)

For a really true appreciation of the show, we can do no better than this selection of Real Video and audio.

Real Audio One: (158Kb) The opening theme tune, a hearty welcome from Alan and a bit of ribald banter with Nancy.

Real Audio Two: (178Kb) Amazed at Nancy's facility with the knife, Alan touches on those important points to remember.

Real Video One: (407Kb) Nancy guides us through the mystery of grid lines and stresses the importance of good composition.

Real Video Two: (690Kb) Here, Alan's uncertain about whether we should 'paint what we see and not what we know to be there'. Nancy sorts it all out.

Real Video Three: (407Kb) Imploring us to keep practicing, Alan smoothly wraps the show.

Animated GIF: (198Kb) A "recap" sequence of a still-life arrangement.

The audio and video clips on this site require Real Player 5. If you don't have it, you can download it FREE by clicking on the logo above.